Second image from the EVN MkIV Processor

 An image of the quasar 3C380 at 6cm obtained with Global VLBI and the MkIV data processor at JIVE

On August 6, 1999, a new image of 3C380 was formed with the first production release of the on-line software of the EVN MkIV data processor at JIVE.

The data is an 8 station subset of the global experiment GL034, which was also used for the first image in April. A complete 8 hour track from 8 stations was processed: Effelsberg, Jodrell (Mk2), Medicina, Noto, Onsala in the EVN and the VLBA stations at Pie Town, Brewster and North Liberty. Eight 4 MHz bands in a single polarization (LCP) centred on 4987 MHz were processed in a 2 bit 1:1 mode.

The production of this data exercised the first production release of the processor software. Calibration was done in AIPS, mapping was done using difmap. Chris Phillips processed the data within two days, and reached a dynamic range of 1000:1, probably limited by the polarization characteristics of the European antennas.

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