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 +====== EU/EC Logo Requirements ======
 +Regarding use of logos for EXPReS publicity materials, our EC science officer Bernhard Fabianek says
 +> Please just use the EC Flag (INFSO/IST logos are not to be used anymore ...). You may write "European Commission" under the Flag or even further under it "Information Society and Media" \\ 
 +> There is a bit of visual ID, but it is only for us to use (it is a dotted arrow turning into an e).
 +===== EC Flag =====
 +The following European flag (from the [[|Wikimedia Commons]]) is available for your use. [[|Additional information]] about the flag is available from Wikipedia. \\ 
 +{{:expres:800px-european_flag.svg.png|European flag}}
 +===== Funding Reference =====
 +We use the following statement on EXPReS publicity materials:
 +> EXPReS is an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3), funded under the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), contract number 026642EXPReS. EXPReS is coordinated by the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE).
 +===== FP6 Logo =====
 +If you really need/want the FP6 logo, four vesions in PNG format:
 +  150x75 pixels
 +  300x150 pixels
 +  600x300 pixels
 +  1213x635 pixels
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