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 +====== 3rd Internal Meeting ======
 +2009 April 17
 +Present: Mark, Des, Dominik
 +  - The main objective of the meeting
 +    * internal discussion on communication protocols and behaviour of software modules
 +    * updates and changes in software modules
 +  - **Data in communication protocol**
 +    * the integer identifier for radio telescope, TN and correlator will NOT be a part of a protocol
 +    * each resource will be distinguished by service URL
 +    * the integer experimentId field will be changed to String jobId. This jobId value has to be added to the communication protocol. 
 +    * the jobId value is used differentiate data in case where the same experiment data is being correlated at the same time, but with different parameters
 +  - **Translation Node related issues**
 +    * there was a discussion on how to distinguish chunks from different TNs
 +      * each chunk has its own identifier (long)
 +      * we agreed that if chunks from different TN have the same identifiers we can treat them as corresponding chunks and correlate them 
 +        * it is TN job to make sure that chunks receive proper identifiers  
 +  - **Confirmation messages**
 +    * the communication pattern between Broker and TN will be changed as follows:
 +      * all messages are asynchronous
 +      * Broker sends startTranslationJob message to TN
 +      * TN decodes the message and sends back information to VLBI Broker with the status OK or ERROR
 +        * that operation should be added to the protocol [Dominik]
 +      * then TN sends notifications that new data chunks are ready
 +    * chunkCount should be added to ChunkInfo so Broker knows how many chunks will be sent by TN
 +      * Des needs to update the code to include that information
 +      * chunks are numbered starting form zero so N-1 of N is a termination condition
 +  - **Monitoring - FUTURE WORK**
 +    * WFM presents list of active observation workflows
 +    * possibility to monitor workflow
 +    * possibility to stop workflow execution
 +    * we agreed to implement that in EXPReS 2
 +  - **Action items**
 +    * make all the changes and generate new WSDL file by April 24th [Dominik] **[DONE]** 
 +      * **all the changes has been incorporated** 
 +      * **new WSDL files have been generated for all services, see page [[expres:fabric:evlbisystem:communicationprotocol| Communication Protocol]]**
 +    * update all services and deploy them on Huygens by April 24th  [Dominik]
 +    * update TN service by April ?? [Des]
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