The science of radio astronomy plays a key role in increasing our understanding of the universe in which we live. Radio telescopes are able to detect extremely weak emission from celestial objects, but their operations are dependent upon the maintenance of appropriate internationally coordinated regulations. These should adequately limit the impact of radio frequency interference, caused by some other uses of the radio spectrum, on the purely passive radio astronomy measurements.

On behalf of European radio astronomy institutes, the Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies (CRAF), one of the Expert Committees of the European Science Foundation (ESF), coordinates the spectrum management and protection activities for radio astronomy. It works towards this aim by: 

  • coordinating the case for radio astronomy and space sciences in Europe in discussions with the major telecommunications agencies and other spectrum users;
  • acting as the voice of European radio observatories and astronomers, in concert with other scientists, in discussions within the international bodies that decide on the use of radio spectrum; 
  • initiating and encouraging scientific studies aimed at eliminating interfering emissions at the source or reducing the effects of interference. 

To support and represent the strategy and interests of the ESF Expert Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies within the framework of European spectrum management activities, the Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC (JIVE) is hiring a Frequency Manager on behalf of CRAF.

Duties and responsibilities

The duties and activities of the CRAF Frequency Manager are set and monitored in accordance with the priorities determined by the CRAF Expert Committee, consisting of representatives of the member institutes. In his or her daily work the Frequency Manager closely collaborates with the CRAF Management Group. The work will include the following components:

  • Represent the interests of European radio astronomy and CRAF at the various international technical, regulatory and advisory meetings linked to spectrum management, mainly at CEPT and ITU levels;
  • Provide technical advice to CRAF in developing its policy and strategy regarding the protection of radio spectrum bands used by the Radio Astronomy Service (RAS) and other passive applications in Europe, and performing such research, analysis & modelling as necessary to validate such advice; 
  • Monitor and inform CRAF about developments in active spectrum usage that has relevance for radio astronomical observations, and advise on actions to be taken in specific cases; 
  • Coordinate and support the generation of reports, technical papers, strategic position and policy documentation to be submitted on behalf of CRAF to international organisations, groups, advisory and regulatory bodies.
  • Engage in the interests of the JIVE organisation and participate in its life and activities.
The CRAF Frequency Manager will be a member of the JIVE staff within the Coordination and Support Office, and will report to the JIVE Director, who will ensure coordination with the CRAF expert committee.


The CRAF Frequency Manager should 
  • have a broad knowledge of the scientific objectives, operational procedures and the technical and instrumentation requirements within radio astronomy - a doctoral level qualification in related scientific disciplines is desirable;
  • have at least intermediate-level knowledge of a programming language (preferably MATLAB or Python);
  • have excellent managerial and communication skills;
  • be willing to travel extensively, mostly within Europe;
  • have good language skills with a fluency in English a requirement.

Experience with administrative procedures in frequency management within European and international spectrum management organisations will be valuable.

Terms of the position

The position is offered by JIVE for a 2-year term, with the possibility of becoming indefinite, starting as soon as possible. Salary scale will depend on skills and experience with a maximum of 5.757 euros gross per month for 38 hours per week. Following an appropriate agreement between CRAF-ESF and JIVE, the CRAF Frequency Manager position will be hosted at the JIVE headquarters in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands.


More information on this position can be obtained by email from CRAF (contact [at] craf [dot] eu) or JIVE (directorjive [at] jive [dot] eu). Applications, including CV and motivation letter, should be sent by email to Mrs. Diana Verweij (verweij [at] astron [dot] nl) by April 15, 2019.


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